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Welcome to Bertha's Bounty

At Bertha's Bounty we are dedicated to small acreage farming the way nature intended. We specialize in farm fresh free-range eggs from heritage variety chickens and naturally raised, grass-fed beef from Dexter cattle.

We employ sustainable farming practices by maintaining only the quantity of livestock our acreage will support, thereby allowing them to range freely and graze naturally. Although not certified organic, our cattle are fed a diet of grass and hay, and our chickens supplement their grain diet by ranging on grass as well.

In addition, we believe domesticated animals should live as natural a life as possible, with lots of pasture, natural light and fresh air. This contributes to disease resistant cattle and chickens, which means our eggs and beef are antibiotic-free and of course, we do not use growth hormones.

If you care about the food you eat and how it is produced, then read on to find out more about Bertha's Bounty.