Naturally-Raised Dexter Beef

Our cows are a heritage breed called Dexters, a breed classified as “dual-purpose” in that they produce both meat and a rich milk. Originally an Irish breed, they are fondly referred to as the “poor man’s cow” because they are small in size. At full weight, females are usually about 750lbs and males about 1000lbs. A stong, sturdy breed, Dexter cattle tend to be hardy even on poor pasture.

Because Dexters are small, you can comfortably raise more cows per acre than with conventional beef. As well, the cuts of beef are also naturally smaller, making Dexter beef more economical while encouraging reasonable portion sizes.

Our Dexters are raised on pasture and hay. This helps to ensure that our beef is a leaner and healthier choice than commercially raised beef. Unlike commercial breeds, we do not feed corn as this only serves to put weight on quickly and minimize the time it take to achieve full weight. Because our cows are raised naturally on pasture, it takes a minimum of two years for them to reach their maximum weight. And of course, all our beef is hormone free.

We are currently taking beef orders. If you would like to try some lean, delicious, nutritious and naturally raised Dexter beef, call us at 905.682.3084, or click here to contact us.

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