About Bertha's Bounty

Our Sustainable Farming Philosophy

Situated in the heart of the Niagara region, Bertha's Bounty is committed to humanely raising heritage livestock varieties, thereby supporting livestock breeds which are often on rare or endangered lists.

We believe anything raised on our farm must be able to thrive on existing soil and weather conditions, without the use of pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. Heritage livestock varieties fit the bill perfectly as most tend to be hardier and healthier than today's commercial varieties.

We specialize in Dexter cattle, which is a heritage breed of Irish descent and also the world’s smallest cow. Our heritage variety chickens include Chantecler, Barred Rock, Ameraucana, Speckled Sussex and Welsummer among many others.

Who was Bertha?

Bertha was the original pioneer in sustainable farming. She purchased the property in 1955, long before there was city water, street lights, electricity or garbage pickup. Aside from growing her own food, Bertha kept a Jersey cow for selling butter and a small flock of chickens for selling eggs. She maintained a sustainable farming lifestyle, not because she made an effort to, but because it was simply the way she lived.

Bertha was always amazed by the beauty and abundance of the natural world and we are too. We named our farm Bertha's Bounty not only as a tribute to Bertha and her pioneering ways, but because we're sure she would have approved of Bertha's Bounty and its philosophy of small acreage farming.


Bertha's Bounty is a member of the following organizations:

Canadian Dexter Cattle Association

Rare Breeds Canada