Young heartnut trees

Japanese Heartnuts

Nuts, nuts, they're good for your heart...especially if they happen to be Japanese Heartnuts, otherwise known as Juglans sieboldiana var. cordiformis. In Canada, the heartnut is actually a hybrid of the Japanese walnut which is said to have cholesterol lowering qualities.

Like its name suggests, the heartnut is heart-shaped. The nut is mild tasting (similar to the walnut) and can be eaten directly from the shell or used in baking, for toppings, etc.

At Bertha’s Bounty, we planted 12 heartnut trees in the spring of 2011. Each tree must be planted 40ft apart as once mature, the heartnut tree has large canopy. It is estimated the trees should begin producing a consistent quantity of nuts between 3 to 5 years.

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